Invest in Kenya Initiative

What is Invest in Kenya Initiative?
Invest in Kenya Initiative is a new initiative of whose vision is to promote a thriving Kenyan economy. Working in partnership with both private and public sector, Invest in Kenya Initiative plans to identify the challenges of doing business in Kenya and proposing solutions for the same.

The Invest in Kenya Initiative is focused on job creation and improving the business environment for both international investors and local SMEs. Our priority is to increase the linkages between large international and domestic companies and smaller local business and increase access to skills, markets and finance.

We do this through the following ways:
1. Promoting sustainable cross-sector partnerships
2. Empowering local enterprises through skills building
3. Championing private sector-led growth
4. Promoting investments to Kenya by linking local businesses to foreign investors.

We believe the challenges of doing business in Kenya cannot be solved by the government alone or one company or one sector alone. But by pooling resources and sharing knowledge. Invest in Kenya Initiative proposes to promote new opportunities to drive the Kenyan economy to greater heights

Invest in Kenya Initiative has embarked on Three key projects:

a) Organizing International Trade and Investment Missions to allow Kenyan SMEs to showcase their products and services. This makes it easier for International companies to link with the right Kenyan partners to work with.
b) Business skills training programmes to allow SMEs and county government officials an opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring from international and local consultants to make them more competitive and more able to win business from larger companies/ investors.
c) Facilitating international investors to Kenya and matching them with partners in choice economic sectors including but not limited to;
• Agriculture
• Manufacturing
• Import/Export
• County Governments
• Cooperatives
• Housing and Infrastructure

The Invest in Kenya Initiative will be facilitated by Strategia Netherlands in conjunction with Capacity Africa Institute working closely with various International partners.

Strategia Netherlands

Strategia Netherlands was founded in the Hague, Netherlands in 2015 to provide international development services and Trade consultancies. The company is registered in the Netherlands under KVK Number 68237316

Our key services include:
• Business Coaching and Training
• Providing Intelligence on doing business in Africa
• Facilitating Investors to set up businesses in Africa
• Facilitate Financial Services for African businesses
• Mapping of Dutch Companies doing business in Africa
• Organizing trade and investment missions to Africa and Netherlands
• Information sharing on business trends.
. Outsourcing for European Investors for projects in Africa

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Capacity Africa Institute
Capacity Africa Institute ( was established in Kenya in 1999 to provide capacity building among development and business professionals in Africa. The organization currently runs training programmes in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan .We have trained over Five thousand development and business practitioners in the last fifteen years. The organization has recently added a cap to its business through conference management targeting governments and corporate organizations. We have hosted similar trade expos in Kenya, Burundi and South Sudan.